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Press Release - March 23, 2018


Press Release

March 23, 2018

Citizens for Better Judges (CBJ) announced its endorsements today in the contested races in the Jefferson Family Court and the Jefferson District Court that are on the ballot in the upcoming election cycle. It should be noted that CBJ’s interview and endorsement process for candidates seeking election to the Jefferson Circuit Court (Div. 2) will take place on April 11, 2018.

CBJ was organized in January, 1983, in an effort to maintain and improve the quality of the judiciary by promoting the election of only the most highly qualified judicial candidates. It consists of a 30-member Steering Committee made up of lawyers who are all involved in litigation practice but concentrate in different fields of law, and a Citizens Review Board consisting of a cross-section of community-minded citizens with diverse occupations and backgrounds. Additionally, the organization has an Advisory Board made up of the past chairs of CBJ.

Each candidate for judicial office is personally interviewed by the Steering Committee. After the interviews have been completed, the Steering Committee members consider the information obtained during the interviews and share their personal knowledge of the candidates. Lay members of the Citizens Review Board are present to monitor the interviews and the integrity of the endorsement process. The Citizens Review Board must approve the endorsements recommended by the Steering Committee.

The endorsement process for the upcoming general election was completed today, March 23rd, and involved consideration of a total of eighteen candidates for the Jefferson Family and District Courts. After a lengthy and rigorous evaluation of each candidate’s qualifications for election to the family court and district court benches, CBJ made the following endorsements:

Jefferson Family Court (Div. 4) -- Bryan Gatewood
Jefferson Family Court (Div. 10) -- Judge Derwin Webb

Jefferson District Court (Div. 3) – [No Endorsement]
Jefferson District Court (Div. 4) – Julie Kaelin
Jefferson District Court (Div. 6) – Judge Sean Delahanty
Jefferson District Court (Div. 9) – Daniel “Danny” Alvarez

These candidates meet the high standards and demanding criteria established for endorsement by Citizens for Better Judges and they are recommended to the electorate as the most qualified in the family court and the district court judicial races.

CBJ officers for 2018 are:

John R. Reed, Chair
Margaret E. Keane, Vice-Chair
Dennis D. Murrell, Secretary/Treasurer

Reginald A. Bruce, Ph.D., Rev. Joseph T. Graffis and Curtis L. Barrett, Ph.D. serve as Co-Chairs of the Citizens Review Board.

The members of the Attorney Steering Committee are:

Terms Expiring January 2019

Steven M. Crawford
Robert M. Croft, Jr.
Daniel T. Goyette
Douglas Haynes
Don H. Major
Susan D. Phillips
Rebecca F. Schupbach
Neva-Marie Polley Scott
Lee E. Sitlinger, Jr.

Terms Expiring January 2020

Mark W. Dobbins
Darryl W. Durham
Margaret E. Keane
M. Janice Lintner
Beth H. McMasters
John S. Reed (Chair)
Steven C. Schroering
Bobby C. Simpson
Thomas B. Wine

Terms Expiring January 2021

Jennifer Kincaid Adams
John W. Bilby
Matthew W. Breetz
J. Matthew Carey
Bradley A. Case
Michelle L. Duncan
James P. Grohman
Byron E. Leet
Dennis D. Murrell
B. Todd Thompson

As previously noted, the members of the Citizens Review Board consist of a cross-section of community leaders from professional and service organizations, as well as from the fields of business, labor, government and education.

The members of the Citizens Review Board are:

J. Stephen Barger
Kentucky State District Council of Carpenters

Curtis L. Barrett, Ph.D.
Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

Phillip C. Bills, AICP
Former Director
Louisville Metro Planning & Design Services

Reginald A. Bruce, Ph.D.
College of Business
University of Louisville

Eric Y. Drogin, J.D., Ph.D.
Forensic Psychologist

Linda S. Ewald, J.D., L.L.M.
Professor Emeritus
Brandeis School of Law
University of Louisville

Rev. Joseph T. Graffis
Senior Priest
Archdiocese of Louisville

John R. "Jack" Guthrie
Guthrie Mayes & Associates, Inc

Brenda G. Hart, Director of Student Affairs (Ret.)
Speed School of Engineering
University of Lousiville

Albert "Cap" Hoskins, M.D.
Baptist Health Medical Group

Dan R. Ison
Governmental Affairs Consultant

The Rev. Helen H. Jones, D.Min.
St. Matthews Episcopal Church

Judy Lambeth, President and CEO

Jennifer Mackin, President and CEO
The Oliver Group

Charles R. Marra, President
C.C.M. Development Co., Inc.

Michael B. Mountjoy, CPA
Mountjoy Chilton Medley

George W. Rapp, Jr.
Business Consultant

Will W. Ward, M.D.
Norton Community Medical Associates

John P. Walsh

Raymond J. Weis
Dismas Charities, Inc.

The Past Chairs of CBJ who make up the Advisory Board are:

John T. Ballantine
John W. Bilby
Melissa Norman Bork
J. Michael Brown
Charles J. Cronan, IV
Mark W. Dobbins
Frank P. Doheny, Jr.
Darryl W. Durham
Larry B. Franklin (d.)
Daniel T. Goyette
Douglas Haynes
K. Gregory Haynes
Bradley R. Hume

Janet P. Jakubowicz
John R. McCall
Don H. Major
Winston E. Miller
Ann B. Oldfather
Homer Parrent, III
Susan D. Phillips
Rebecca F. Schupbach
Lee E. Sitlinger, Jr.
Robert E. Stopher
Kenneth J. Tuggle
Joseph L. White

For further information, please contact:

John S. Reed
Reed Weitkamp Schell & Vice PLLC
500 West Jefferson Street, Suite 2400
Louisville, KY 40202
Direct dial  1.502.657.1313
Mobile       1.502.548.4973

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