Deana McDonald

Jefferson District Court

Hon. Deana "Dee" McDonald



Undergraduate: Western Kentucky University, B.S., 1974
Graduate and/or Law School: University of Louisville, School of Law, 1994, Night Division

Legal Experience: I have over thirty (30) years of Jefferson County courtroom experience. I began as a social worker, working with abused/neglected and troubled youth and was in court almost daily advocating for their needs. I put myself through law school at night and began my legal career as a criminal defense attorney. I served as Assistant Counsel for the Cabinet for Health and Family Services providing legal support for the workers and litigating Termination of Parental Rights cases to free committed children for adoption. I served as a prosecutor in the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office in the Domestic Violence Unit, the Felony/Misdemeanor, Warrant, Juvenile and Non-Support dockets, as well as all ten (10) of the Family Courts.

Candidate Statement:

With over 30 years of courtroom experience I have the expertise and demonstrated ability to serve as District Judge. The quality and depth of my experience has been evidenced by the fact that I have received every single endorsement made in this race, including that of Citizens For Better Judges. In addition, the local attorney’s responding to the LBA’s Judicial Poll, rated me 3 to 1 over my opponent in the “Highly Qualified” category.

A career of public service in the court system has given me a wealth of experience. As a prosecutor, I took an oath to seek the truth and administer justice fairly and that required me to prosecute some cases and recommend the dismissal of others. My experience enabled me to know the difference. I bring over thirty years of experience with which to serve the people of this community.

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